We are organizing an international fundraiser campaign for the institutions of TEGYESZ (Regional Child Protection Service) of Komárom-Esztergom county.

The goal of the campaign is to support the development of children with special education needs who live in institutions and have basic or partial disorder.

Within the framework of the campaign, we make the self-developed software of Balázs-Diák Ltd. available for institutions. The online game platform won the Comenius EduMedia award in 2017. We support the work of special educators, psychologists, and general educators by providing them digital devices (laptops, tablets), which are necessary to reach the website, and other developmental tools (based on an exact list).

Altogether 196 children are taken care of in the institutions, 75 children live in Oroszlány, 60 in Komárom, 36 in Tata, and 25 in Kömlőd. In the latter two institutions every child needs development as they are the ones who have different disabilities or behavioral disorder. In the first two institutions more than 25% of the children need special education or developmental educator which means that the campaign can reach more than 90 children with special needs directly. The donations will be used to purchase tools that special educators can use directly with the children in their free time to effectively enhance their developmental level through different games . All of this, in turn, enhances the quality of their lives, their perspective on the labor market and, with all this, their socio-economic status will be highly influenced later on.


The county-wide organisations of TEGYESZ (Regional Child Protection Service) perform various work in the field of child protection.

Their fundamental task is to maintain children’s homes and foster parent network and to take care of children in an institutional framework. Children can be accepted during a procedure of guardianship authority (acceptance to educate), on the request of a parent (in the case of permanently ill or disabled children), on a medical recommendation (minors with psychological diseases), voluntarily (acceptance of those who left their home voluntarily and providing them temporary home), as well as during the aftercare of minors raised in institutions when they reach adulthood – including the temporary care of the child of these young adults.

These tasks are met through different institutions, in particular by the operation of foster homes, providing external accommodation, temporary care, education and training on a formal and informal basis, with special care homes for the sick, handicapped, or psychologically injured individuals by providing the appropriate professional background (psychologists, educators, and special educators).

Their fundamental purpose – where possible – is to reintegrate children into the family as soon as possible and, with appropriate and professional assistance, they should be given effective support for the development of individual skills and abilities during the time spent in the institutions.

They also carry out child protection duties, which includes ad-hoc guardians, trustees, professional guardian network, furthermore, a round-the-clock dispatcher service, the Committee of Child Protection Experts, and also the operation of the foster care network.

We’ve created a sub-account to raise funds for this very important goal. If you feel to support these children, please use the following bank account:

Social Point Alapítvány
CIB Bank: 10700244-71766243-51300009

From abroad:
CIB Bank Zrt.
1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.

HU41 10700244 71766243 51300009


Costs of this project (HUF exchanged on 320 HUF / 1 € rate):

2,228,000 Ft the software from Balázs-Diák Kft. and 30 tablets (20 devices of LENOVO Tab M10 and 10 of Lenovo D330) from Kventa Kft.

2,400,000 HUF for developing tools from HOR Zrt.

7% fundraising campaign fee

Total: 15.475 € / $ 17.076

KEEP IN MIND! We make up society, we bear the responsibility.

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