In 2001, Katalin Orosz, clinical psychologist and transpersonal therapist, developed a psychotherapeutic, personal experience method in a group setting to heal adults’ birth traumas.

The groups are titled “Me, the fetus”, a group session lasts for four days.

Approximately 1,200 people participated in more than 110 such groups in the past 19 years in Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Romania.

We, the Perinatus Foundation decided to make a film about the huge impact of our prenatal life and birth on our entire lifespan. The documentary film will inform the perinatal professionals as well as the wider public about the importance of this life period, just as Katalin’s presentation details it.

When an adult experiences and understands the importance of what happened to them at their preverbal age, a psychological growth process starts in them. Their abilities to learn and to love transform. The birth of their children and grandchildren will have a different meaning to them. Compassion will fill their hearts as they hear the authentic message behind the babies’ cries.

We would like to make this opportunity available to as many people as possible, therefore we chose to work with motion picture. We have completed the filming of an entire “Me, the fetus” group session in August 2019. Besides that footage, we directed additional scenes to complete the personal portraits.

It is a proven psychological fact that the earliest phase of life – approximately the first year after conception – is a sensitive period that will lay the foundations for the later part of life. Our professional experience tells us that unprocessed fetal and birth experiences can become traumatic that will affect many fields of life. Starting already in childhood, it can make the emotional relationships with the parents difficult, it can hinder healthy attachment, it can worsen a person’s relationship towards change, and it can make it difficult for the person to develop healthy personal boundaries. However, traumas can be processed within certain limits. A person is capable to change their behavior even as an adult, as they become aware of their emotional lives, and as they process the traumas they experienced. The Birth-rebirth program enjoys a growing professional interest, as it effectively helps reduce stress responses, and improve relationships.

Testimonial by a participants of the “Me, the fetus” groups:

“It is hard to write it down without clichés what I was feeling in the group and what I have been experiencing since then. These words come to my mind for first: acceptance, love, providing enough time, openness, freedom, encounter, realization, quality time, mystery, silence, peace, balance. I experienced these. I am not running away from myself anymore. I confront. I accept where I am, who I am. I am growing in my ability to see beyond the tangible things. I look at myself with humbleness and respect.” (Reni)

We received almost 2 million HUF (6,250 EUR / 6,900 USD) donations in the last 4 months, that enabled us to make the shootings. We are very grateful to all our supporters for this! We will need additional resources to cover the post-production work that will cost around 6 million HUF (+ 7% of campaign’s cost; ~21,467 EUR or 23,688 USD).

What we offer to our donors:

  • above 20.000 Ft an autographed book of Orosz Katalin-S. Nagy Zita: A sorsformáló 9+1 hónap,
  • above 100.000 Ft free participation on any of the one day életTÉRkép group
  • above 150.000 Ft free consultation session in English

Thank you for supporting our initiative. Any amount received will make a difference.

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