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Save up for adventure therapy camp for traumatized children

Foster care, neglect, starvation, maltreatment, and escaping, often sexual abuse – just some of the experiences some children have to live through until they go to school either they live at home or in foster home.

There is a farm where the kids are loved and welcome even though they were abandoned by their family or they were neglected or maltreated. On this farm the children can experience that they are also valuable people, they have the right to live, they are strong, they can work for themselves and they can cooperate with each other. On this farm the children can try new, healthy way of living to prevent new traumas and prostitution, domestic violence or not to become offender.

We ask you to support us in our work through the year to give hope to traumatized and victimized children to believe in themselves.

Our aim is that the children who were abandoned or maltreated can experience adventures needed for the development of their personality, and to experience connections which are almost impossible in the artificial communities like foster care or class rooms.

Our professional team has a long-time experience in organizing adventure therapeutic camps for foster kids or for other disadvantaged children. We believe that experimental learning could help the kids develop skills like social and emotional competences (empathy, cooperation, dealing with emotions and expressing emotions) self-control and self-awareness. They do it in a very new unusual environment, which is out of their comfort zone.

The life in the foster care is very artificial because of its institutional nature. The rules and traditions are given, they cannot be changed or created by the community. The life on the farm is almost the same like a hundred years ago when the house was built. There is no electricity, just some solar energy, there is no tap water in the house, and we heat with wood. We create the conditions of our togetherness serving life entertainment the housework included.

We are planning to organize adventure therapy weekends once in a month from Friday to Sunday with 8-10 children. In the team there is going to be two care taker, one or two professional supervisor, and we would like to invite volunteers as well. Accommodation will be provided in a six diameter big Mongol tent (jurt), and we will ensure ourselves with food, hot water and with all the comfort we need.

We’ve created a sub-account to raise funds for this very important goal. If you feel to support these children, please use the following bank account:

Social Point Alapítvány
CIB Bank: 10700244-71766243-51200002

From abroad:
CIB Bank Zrt.
1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.

HU41 10700244 71766243 51200002

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